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Is back pain stopping you from working or playing sports?

Get expert assessment and treatment tailored to your problem to get back to your usual activity fast.


The neck can cause headaches and refer pain to the shoulder and arm.

An assessment will identify where the problem is coming from and what treatment is likely to help.

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Don't suffer unnecessarily from arthritis. There are effective exercises and treatments that can make a big difference to arthritic conditions.

Click here to learn what exercises can help arthritic knees.

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Don't leave injuries to cause more problems!

If pain or restriction persists after two weeks or you have a longstanding problem after an old injury, get our advice & get it under control.

For problems with muscles, joints and nerves

As part of the Elements of Health therapy centre, we offer physiotherapy within a multidisciplinary clinic for a holistic approach to your musculoskeletal problems.

Assessment and treatment of spinal, sports, rheumatology, orthopaedic surgical and chronic pain conditions. We use gentle techniques such as mobilisation of joints, taping and massage of soft tissues through to more vigorous exercise and manipulation. We also offer balance rehabilitation for problems relating to dizziness, vertigo and vestibular dysfunctions
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Chartered Physiotherapists
Convenient city centre treatment location, just down from The Forum
Metered street parking to the front with St Benedict's and The Forum as the closest car parks
✔Friendly clinic with experienced clinicians